The vision of All Set is to inspire everyone to learn about their cultural traditions which connect N. Ireland with Scotland and to enable All Set cross-cultural programmes to be accessible to all. 

The mission ofAll Set is to advance knowledge and participation in the traditional arts for all cultural backgrounds to appreciate, promote and celebrate in a shared cultural experience. 

The values which All Set will endeavour to develop in support of its vision and mission are as follows; 
the promotion, participation and development of traditional dance, music and song
the provision of programmes which are accessible to all levels of ability including special needs
the close interaction of all participants via dance, music and orally, irrespective of religious or cultural background or gender
the expertise of high profile professional artists renowned for their individual artistic skills within the traditional arts


The cross-cultural programmes began when a small primary school, Ravernette P.S. in Lisburn requested a traditional dance workshop via Crescent Arts centre. At that time, Mary Fox was teaching dance & music there for Belfast Set Dancing & Traditional Music Society and so the CAC directed the request onto her. That was in 1994!
The All Set project initially was an artist led group, it became constituted in 1996 when funding under PSEP enabled schools within Belfast to engage in programmes of dance & music on a cross-cultural basis.
Over 20,000 pupils have availed of the project plus over 42,000 people have either observed or actively participated in over 300 performances. 


Over the last few years the cross-cultural project has delivered inclusive programmes to a growing number of special schools, in fact going further by linking main stream schools with special schools. The community event is an important feature within the project as these provide a platform for the participants to perform plus engage local audiences. Presently we are offering new inter-cultural programmes involving ethnic minorities focusing on traditional dances from Lithuania and Thailand with two schools within Craigavon Borough. 

The outreach programme Fasttrad has extended the traditional arts to new participants and audiences. Weekly classes are offered at a very affordable rate in Drumcree College, Portadown and in Maghery. The classes are open to children over 6yrs plus adults. 

Performance opportunities are planned throughout the year establishing links with new partners. 
Further developments connected to Craigavon Borough Council are in the pipeline. 


Currently the All Set project is in receipt of ASOP funding til March 2015. Big Lottery funding under ‘Culture for All’ has kick started the Fasttrad programme providing classes and workshops. Lloyds TSB has enabled a number of special schools to participate in the cross-cultural programmes. Many District Councils continue to support the programmes in schools. All schools participating contribute to the cross-cultural programmes via CRED, Extended Schools Programmes, Integrated Education Fund etc etc.

Cross Cultural Programmes for All

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