Cross Cultural Programmes for All

Cross Cultural Programmes for All

The Arts Council N.I. has supported the All Set project since 1999. It enhances the Arts Council’s ‘Creative Connections’ 5yr plan plus the N.I. Assembly’s ‘Shared Future’ strategy.

District Councils have supported the project for many years as it demonstrates positive social cohesion amongst local communities via the public performances which also involve the audiences! A step in the right direction of good relations. The artistic programmes bring young people together from all ethnic minorities and religious backgrounds to gain knowledge of a shared cultural heritage which has European influences.

The All Set project in schools has received funding from the following:

The All Set project running in schools has obtained financial assistance from various sources including schools. Since there is no longer funding available under SCRP many Schools are seeking alternative funding from e.g. Elb’s - CRED, Integrated Education Fund, Extended Schools Programme etc etc.

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