Cross Cultural Programmes for All


The All Set programmes in schools can involve your local community more. The final performances provide an opportunity for parents & grandparents of participating pupils to participate with their child on the dance floor!

No Experience necessary!!!

     A positive approach to social cohesion! 

The material used by All Set is authentic and

has been researched by the artists.

The dances, music & songs have very  

strong Irish & Scottish origins and focus on   the Ulster tradition of the traditional arts.

What about including traditional dances in your school physical education programme?

Formal Education Programme

The programme for school groups focuses on the traditional arts implementing the revised curriculum.  Maintained, Controlled, Integrated, Irish Medium & Special School sectors can access the project.

All of the programmes include team building activities during the first session concentrating on small circles

of mixed gender & schools working together. The programmes can either take place during school time or outside of school hours.

Schools can decide to either link with a partner school or participate on an individual basis. Community events feature performance plus involvement of the audience! These events can take place in the afternoons or evenings.

Schools can undertake any programme suitable to

their needs incorporating dance, music and song.

Each programme can culminate in a final community performance

The All Set project uses music education to reduce prejudice and promote inclusion. The tin whistle is the cheapest instrument and it has strong links with all traditions in Ireland & Scotland. All Set has a huge success rate as complete beginners are able to learn a tune in a few weeks! Pupils could progress to attaining LCM music grades!

Would you like to make tin whistle accessible to all pupils in your school?

Pupils could learn dances familiar to the local tradition thus enabling pupils to be aware of their own heritage before encountering new cultural dances.
  scheme with St. Brides P.S. Belfast recorded the dances for white board use by other classes undertaking dance within physical education

Do you need to involve your local community more?

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Separate of the All Set project, St Mary’s  
   P.S. Maghery has incorporated music on the   
     tin whistle as part of the   
       curriculum for many years
                   from P2 upwards