‘The friendships made and the impact of the All Set project will have a lasting effect on the children

   involved....... pupils gained a deeper understanding of differences in culture, special  needs and disability.                                     

   The pupils surpassed our expectations in their ability to relate to pupils who had different learning needs....... 

   demonstrated great tolerance and respect for each other ........ and gained a deeper understanding of how

   each individual can contribute and offer something of value irrespective of special  needs or disability. 

   barriers and prejudices were overcome in  relation to cultural/ethnic differences and disability and true

   friendships were forged’

The project has been acknowledged by School Principals & Education & Library Boards as a positive approach to uniting young people whilst challenging their personal capabilities and opinions.

Lorreta P.S , Omagh County P.S , Arvalee Special School Omagh

Evaluation of Peace lll project in Craigavon involving

St.Anthony’s P.S, Moyallan P.S, Edenderry P.S, St.John the Baptists P.S.

‘The children developed their understanding of other traditions and cultures. The pupils also improved their communication skills through working with others and managing information. They became aware of the shared interest between the Irish and Scottish traditions. Each child was encouraged to find out about the songs, music and dance that were popular with their parents and grandparents and to share their findings. The pupils acquired new skills in traditional music, song and dance within two months, excelling to performance: an attribute to All Set’

Greystone P.S and St Josephs P.S

The final performance for parents from both schools at the end of the project has contributed significantly to building the self-esteem of the children and to the fostering of excellent relationships between children, parents, staff and ultimately both schools. Pupils realise their common cultural heritage and introduces them to the traditional arts at a young age......The all set programme focuses on lifelong learning and significantly enables the arts to play a powerful role within communities’

Cross Cultural Programmes for All

Society for the visually impaired

‘.....the visually impaired students really enjoyed the dance workshop.....your enthusiasm and ability to impart information & direction was very clear.....you seem undaunted to work with such a group.....we would certainly be keen to have another session with you at some stage.....many thanks’ - Ruth Boyd

Raleigh International Festival, N. Carolina

‘laughing and joking together before their 2nd show, the All Set members mirrored the jovial atmosphere of the festival. ‘We’re all young at hear and fleet of foot’ said the oldest member Noel Clarke. All Set engages in the universal language of dance, playing and performing traditional irish tunes. ‘Dance embraces everything’

Amanda Greene, Raleigh Tribune

Il Piccolo, Italia

‘Danza come divertimento, come espressione corporea, anche come terapia che coinvolge e libera i suoi protagonisti’

Maurizio Lozei

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